Madhu’s Approach

Whole Systems Focus

Individual-Team-Organization: I work with my clients to better understand how they affect the dynamics within their team and their organization.  When clients become more aware of their impact, they can make conscious choices about how to enhance those dynamics and improve overall performance.

Values-Motivation-Performance: Understanding my clients’ inner motivation makes me a better coach. When I help clients honor their values in their professional lives, they are happier, more motivated and deliver better results.

Left Brain-Right Brain: I believe that accessing a client’s imagination, vision and intuition stimulates creativity, flexibility, planning and execution. I coach my clients to use their right brain to envision possibilities and to use their left brain to organize and create new action.

Learning + Action = Results that Stick

Learning: I champion my clients to cultivate a mindset of continuous learning about themselves and the environment they work in. Increased self-awareness allows clients to feel more confident and take more risks. It allows them to take on new challenges with ease.

Action: I co-create with my clients a clear accountability structure so their learning is translated into tangible action steps. We set up desired outcomes for each coaching session as well as the overall coaching relationship and track these over time. And in every session, I ask my clients to do at least one thing that is out of their comfort zone.

Expanding the View

Blind spots create gaps in performance. When clients become aware of their own blind spots, they can see more clearly what’s needed to take their performance to the next level.

One of my favorite coaching techniques is “Expanding the View”, a systematic and creative method for busting out of outmoded mindsets and embracing viewpoints that inspire new action. I use this method often with clients and teach them to use it themselves.