blue-200x300I combine my Human Resources expertise with stellar coaching skills and a deep curiosity about what makes people and organizations tick.   My clients are able to make meaningful shifts in thinking which translate to new, sustainable actions and results.

Below are some examples of my work:

Executive Coaching: A content development director wanted to enhance her leadership skills as she began work on a new and highly visible product line.  I supported her to find her voice as a leader and translate that stronger voice into new action.   She was able to act more decisively, navigate challenges more seamlessly and create a higher quality product.

Organizational Development:  I designed a comprehensive strategy to enhance employee engagement and organizational effectiveness during the Associated Press’ World Headquarters relocation.  I led the creation of internal communication vehicles and conducted focus groups to give employees reliable information and a forum for their views to be heard.  After a year of planning, over 1000 employees moved to a new headquarters without a disruption in service.

Leadership Development:  I provide coaching as part of leadership development programs at various organizations.  In this work, I support coaches in “landing the learning” from the group sessions and translate that learning to tangible and meaningful action in their daily work.

Assessment Tools:
Leadership Effectiveness Survey
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator – Steps I and II
Profilor for Managers
Structured 360 Interviews

Employers and Client Partners:

The Associated Press

BNP – Paribas

Consumer Reports

DeutscheBank-PB Capital

Freedom Communications


Henry Ford Health System


Prudential Life Insurance

Standard & Poor’s

The Ms. Foundation